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Oscar Jacobson x Gentlemanualen

For the spring and summer of 2022, Gentlemanualen and Oscar Jacobson developed a classic garment that, despite its history, may have been missing from the wardrobes of most men. 

We present to you, the Farris Club Blazer.

Of course, we are talking about the club blazer. This traditional, British style marker, associated with legendary figures such as Prince Charles and Sir Michael Caine.

Double breasted,

dark blue and it has metal buttons.

Traditionally, the classic club jacket is characterised by mainly three details; it is double-breasted, made from a dark blue wool fabric and it has metal buttons. 

Often the buttons have been made from brass or gilded silver, commonly decorated with the wearer’s monogram or regiment. We have nothing but respect for anyone with personalised buttons, but for a blazer to feel natural for everyone, we chose to use a more neutral button. What we found was a beautifully brass-coloured version with a ribbed structure and a perfect, distressed feel to it that came across as both elegant and subtle.

Since the club blazer originates from the British Isles, it has often been characterised by a heavily tailored silhouette and marked shoulders, like most of the country’s other tailoring. Even though that can be very beautiful, we wanted our interpretation to be much more relaxed and instead, we glanced at a softer construction where interlinings and shoulder structure are almost non-existent, and the jacket completely lacks lining in the back. 

Instead of the traditional pockets with flaps, we chose to provide the jacket with a more relaxed patch pocket that further enhances the feeling we were looking for.

Above all, we saw an opportunity to introduce the garment in an entirely new context and to those who may have looked upon it as a garment that is rigid or formal. We wanted to create an elegant, relaxed blazer that could easily be worn as an outer garment on a cool summer’s day or even be worn over a sweatshirt after a game of tennis.

The choice of material fell on a dark blue woollen yarn with a perfect structure from the Italian weaving mill Marzotto. It is part of their series called In Case, whose fabrics are characterised by a tightly twisted wool fibre that allows the fabric to quickly recover to its original state on a hanger even after having been shoved down a suitcase.

The fabric’s sparsely woven structure along with the unlined back of the blazer makes it perfect for the summer months and on holiday. For the inside of the blazer, we have chosen discreet tones and therefor have a matching navy-blue lining for pockets and the front piece where the only contrast is a thin piece of golden knitting.

How to wear a club blazer in 2022?

So, how do you wear a club blazer in 2022? We have chosen to combine our interpretation with other garments from Oscar Jacobson’s spring collection. 

Club blazer and washed jeans

An easy way to dress down the blazer is by combining it with a pair of washed jeans. Andreas is wearing the version Johan in a straight fit with a medium-high waist along with a cut away denim shirt.

Per is wearing the washed jeans with the olive-green linen shirt Harry with a button-down collar.

Club blazer and gray wool trousers

For the classic male uniform consisting of a blue blazer and gray wool trousers, it can be a nice contrast to combine it with a more casual garment such as a thin-knitted round neck sweater. Here in the shape of the knitted t-shirt called Jace made from pale-blue cotton. Per is wearing the navy-blue t-shirt Kyran in a cotton stretch.

/Andreas Weinås & Per Nilsson

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