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Single breasted blazers for men | Oscar Jacobson

Single Breasted Blazers

Single Breasted Blazers

The most useful, traditional, and common jacket is the single-breasted one. A single-breasted jacket has only one vertical row of buttons - one, two, or three buttons are common.

If you are going to wear your single-breasted jacket buttoned, the following applies: if the jacket has three buttons, the middle button should be buttoned. With two buttons, it is the top button that should be buttoned, and if the jacket has only one button, it should be kept buttoned. When you sit down in your jacket, you should always unbutton it. It will make you look sophisticated. Our single-breasted jackets come in a variety of materials, colors, and styles. If you are looking for a casual jacket to wear on a daily basis, you should go for a coarser texture. Examples of these materials are corduroy, flannel, and tweed.

Are you looking for a jacket in a specific color?

Here you will find jackets sorted by color. Blue, black, and grey are the most common colors, but we also have several options in brown and beige.