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Sustainability | Oscar Jacobson


At Oscar Jacobson, we value a long-term perspective on our operations. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment, treat our fellow humans and wildlife well, while maintaining an economically advantageous balance. Our primary focus is on delivering high-quality products, where sustainability and timeless style are fundamental elements.

We embrace a long-term vision, where our goal is for our products to be worn for a very long time. We aim to create timeless designs, tailored for our customers, allowing our garments to be worn with pride over the years.

A central aspect of our philosophy is to locate production nearby, within Europe. By doing so, our emissions are reduced, while also promoting labor standards and economic sustainability in the region. We are proud to offer clothing that not only reflects our dedication to style and quality but also our firm belief that business can be both responsible and successful.

Long-Term Consumption

We practise long-term thinking. This means that we design with the principle that our garments should remain relevant for a long time and endure over time. This sets high demands on material selection and design, and we constantly work to find the best materials for each product. An example of long-term design is our suits, which always have extra seam allowances so the garment can be adjusted if the wearer's measurements change over time.

As part of our journey towards greater circularity, we introduced a new store concept in 2021. At Sustain by Oscar Jacobson, we buy and sell pre-owned Oscar Jacobson garments, offer unique samples, facilitate the creation of suits from leftover fabrics, and provide garment rental options for occasional use. Presently, we operate two physical stores, located in Gothenburg and Stockholm, with our concept also accessible online throughout Sweden.

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Sharing our knowledge

Spreading knowledge and educating customers about our products, including
materials, care, and how to make adjustments to ensure longevity, are integral parts of our daily work. We meticulously test our garments to guarantee functionality and assist our customers in selecting the right options for their needs. Our customer service is always available for inquiries about our products or for advice on what suits a particular occasion.

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We collaborate with carefully selected suppliers in each category, prioritizing partners primarily within Europe. Our aim is to work with certified suppliers to ensure high quality and compliance with our ethical and sustainability requirements. By producing in Europe, we benefit from shorter distances and ensure implementation of European laws, including the REACH regulation. We strive for all our suppliers sign our Code of Conduct, which guarantees that working conditions meet high standards. This includes provisions on wage levels, prohibition of child labor, and the right to join trade unions, among others.

We aim to conduct our business with a strong emphasis on ethics and responsibility, so it is of utmost importance to us that our suppliers share and respect these principles.

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As a company that values responsibility and social engagement, we see it as our opportunity and duty to conduct operations where all employees can work under equal rights. This includes, among other things, ensuring good working conditions, providing fundamental protection for employees, and adhering to prevailing legislation.

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Animal Ethics 

Oscar Jacobson insists that all production of materials of animal origin must be conducted in a manner that respects the lives and rights of animals.

Transport and Packaging


Oscar Jacobson strives to minimize the transportation of products by shortening distances to production sites and optimizing shipping methods.

We collaborate with DHL and Postnord to continuously improve our transportation methods and reduce emissions through better technology, smarter planning, and selecting alternatives to air freight.

Reducing Returns

We aim to make it easy for customers to understand and choose the right products when shopping with us. Through detailed product descriptions, helpful customer service, clear fit and size guides, and illustrative images, we seek to ensure informed purchases. By providing this information, we aim to reduce the number of returns and create a safer shopping experience for you as a customer.

Environmental Impact

Our ambition is for all packaging materials, such as plastic, bags, and cardboard used in shipping, to be recycled and reused. Finding better solutions and alternatives for packaging and shipping is an ongoing process.