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Double breasted suits for men - Free shipping | Oscar Jacobson

Double Breasted Suits

A double-breasted suit - initially inspired by the sailor jacket - is not quite as common as the single-breasted suit, but just as stylish. Double-breasted suits have, as the name suggests, double buttons in a vertical row. This is in contrast to the single-breasted suit, which only has a vertical row of buttons. When it comes to the fastening of the double-breasted suit, it is most common today to have six buttons consisting of two rows of buttons that are fastened, and two decorative buttons. However, we naturally offer several options for you to find the one that suits your taste.

Our most popular double-breasted suit is called Farris, here you can read journalist Daniel Lindström's interview with our collection manager Carl-Johan Frisk about our double-breasted suit Farris, how the model came about, and how he wears it in everyday life. A Farris Tale.

If you are unsure how to wear the double-breasted suit, you can read more in our guide Three ways to wear double-breasted.