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Our history | Oscar Jacobson

Our history

We are proud to present a piece of Swedish fashion history that started over 100 years ago, and like us at Oscar Jacobson now manages with great honor. Take a look at our archive, and discover our history.

Our history

1881: A star is born

Johan Oscar Jacobson is born as the third child of Hilda Sofia and Anders Jacobson. During his upbringing, Oscar got to see and learn a lot about commercial activities and entrepreneurship. His father operated a so-called "knock business" for many years together with his brother under the firm name of "A&W Jacobson". They sold coat fabrics, silk fabrics and other fabrics on their trips to Småland and Öland.

Our history

1903: The company Oscar Jacobson see the light of day

Oscar has been sewing up functional garments for workers in Borås for some time now. This turns out to be successful and in 1903 Oscar reports his business to the Borås Trade Register together with his aunt's husband. The business idea was to trade in blue clothing, work trousers and simpler shirts, as well as cotton and woolen fabrics.

Already in 1906, the turnover was up to SEK 160,000, which was a high sum considering that a dozen shirts cost SEK 11.50. In the same year, Oscar's brother joined the business and it was time to develop the company further!

Our history

1908: Success for ready-made suits in specific sizes

Now Oscar Jacobson starts with ready-made suits in specific sizes. This is revolutionizing the market, which until now has only worked with tailor-made suits according to the buyer's unique measurements.

With this, prices can be depressed - a suit now costs SEK 22 - and success is a fact. The profits for the brothers rise and in 1917 Oscar is finally able to bring home his first car from America. What happened? A black T-ford of course.

Our history

With roots in the 17th century

Actually, the story of Oscar Jacobson actually begins as early as 1622, when Gustaf II Adolf decided to issue an ultimatum to the farmers who traded in and around the Sjuhäradsbygden. "If you do not form a city around your trading activities, so that we can customs the goods and thus ensure that the state receives a share of the income, then you will no longer be allowed to sell your goods at all." he told them. And said and done; the farmers obeyed the king and formed the town of Boeråås - the farming town around the hills. And ever since, Borås has been one center of trade, not least in textiles, for many hundreds of years.

1920: The company is booming and quality reaches new heights

In the 1920s, production changed from each seamstress having to sew an entire suit to each seamstress becoming specialized in just one area. This raised both the quality and the fit significantly.

The following decades flourished, with the exception of the 40s when the Second World War cast its shadow over Sweden.

Our history

1949: Go west! Inspiration is drawn from all over the world, not least from the great country in the West

In 1949, the next big change took place. Then Oscar went over by boat to America to be inspired by the great country in the west. When he got there he recorded as possessed; what he saw must have been revolutionary for a textile merchant from Borås. Among other things, he got to see the first ever nylon shirt (which luckily wasn't a big success).

From the 50s onwards, Oscar Jacobson then manifests his great craftsmanship in tailoring and sewing, but also in fashion.

Our history

1958: Change of throne underway - son Anders takes over and his great interest in fashion means that e.g. cashmere is included in the collection

In 1958, the son Anders Jacobson takes over the company. Anders had a great interest in clothes and fashion and was quick to bring in foreign influences. Oscar Jacobson is now starting to work with more exclusive materials such as lamb's wool, cashmere and trimlaine.

Our history


1960: G'day mate!

During the 1960s, they invested in a slimmer silhouette, according to the fashion coming from England, and thus laid the foundation for a good collaboration with the English market (for example with the fabric manufacturer Reid & Taylor).

Our history

1980: Royal Court supplier

In 1980, Oscar Jacobson was appointed Royal Court supplier by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf. A title we are very proud of and which has been with us ever since.

Our history

TODAY: A new chapter

Oscar Jacobson is today a complete lifestyle brand for the man who wants to meet all of life's occasions in excellence and style. We design in Sweden, sew in Europe and work with the world's most exclusive manufacturers and suppliers.

Our focus is to create high-quality collections with a long shelf life. We believe in increased transparency in our operations and strive to continuously share our work.

Our history