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Double breasted blazers for men | Oscar Jacobson

Double Breasted Blazers

Double Breasted Blazers

Double-breasted jackets have, just as the name suggests, double buttons in a vertical row. This is in contrast to the single-breasted jacket, which only has a single vertical row of buttons. The double-breasted jacket was initially inspired by the traditional sailor jacket and has gone in and out of fashion over the years. Thd be reason why it hasn't been as obvious in the wardrobe as the single-breasted one is often due to thoughts that a double-breasted jacket woule too formal or that one wouldn't be able to wear a double-breasted jacket open.

The formality depends on the jacket's material, fit, and style, and this applies to both the double-breasted and the single-breasted jacket. As for the idea that a double-breasted jacket couldn't be worn open, it can. In the right style, a double-breasted jacket is excellent to wear unbuttoned as a casual jacket, for example with jeans or chinos.

Our most popular double-breasted jacket is called Farris, and here you can read journalist Daniel Lindström's interview with our collection manager Carl-Johan Frisk about our double-breasted jacket Farris, how the model came about, and how he wears it in everyday life. A Farris Tale.

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Here you can find jackets sorted by color. Blue, black, and grey are the most common colors, but we also have several options in brown and beige.