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Tuxedo for men - Buy exclusive tuxedos | Oscar Jacobson


Tuxedo The Tuxedo was brought from England to New York in the 19th century. A British royalty is said to have inspired the Americans who brought the smokingjacket to the Tuxedo Park club, the place where only Manhattan's wealthiest resided.

Tuxedo, also known as "black tie", is an evening attire and should only be worn when the invitation specifies so. Wearing a tuxedo when it is not the dress code is just as wrong as not wearing a tuxedo when the situation is reversed. At Oscar Jacobson, we offer everything you need when it comes to black tie. From the tuxedo jacket, trousers, shirt, and waistcoat to the important accessories such as a velvet or silk bow tie, pocket square, patent leather shoes, and cufflinks. Don't forget a pair of knee-length, dark socks to complete the look.

To avoid getting lost and to give you a clear understanding of the dress code "tuxedo" or "black tie", we have put together two guides to help you find the right attire.

Click here to go directly to our comprehensive guide on smoking and here to read Gentlemanual's 13 mistakes you must not make when wearing a tuxedo.