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SUSTAIN-Something unique for everyone


SUSTAIN - Something unique for everyone

To challenge ourselves and our customers to discover our Sustain by Oscar Jacobson concept, we invited three friends to our new Sustain by store, in Gothenburg. A meeting between Oscar Arrsjö, a renowned style expert and founder of Ascaropadel, football star Johan Elmander, and Creative Director and fashion personality Richard Ntege. We gave them free rein to choose and try out their favorite items from the store, resulting in a fun afternoon filled with discussions about sustainability, style, and personality. And most importantly, differences and similarities.

Sustain store in gothenburg
sustain göteborg

At Sustain by Oscar Jacobson, we offer a range of second-hand finds, unique samples, and the opportunity to rent items or create entirely new unique pieces through our Custom Made service using surplus fabrics from previous collections.

Oscar Jacobson's garments have a long lifespan thanks to high quality in both materials and craftsmanship. We equate quality with sustainability. We strive to minimize waste and encourage a more circular world.

Sustain store gothenburg
Second hand store in gothenburg
Second hand try on

We wanted Oscar, Johan, and Richard to find items that suited their individual styles and showcase the breadth of our Sustain store. Although the three have very different personal expressions and ways of dressing, and live very different lives, they agree that at Sustain by Oscar Jacobson, it is possible to find, or create, original pieces and design looks that truly suit their personality. At Sustain, you can build a versatile wardrobe, whether you prefer a classic or an eclectic mix. There is something unique for everyone here.

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Second hand
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Sustain By Oscar Jacobson

Sustain By Oscar Jacobson is a circular concept store in Sweden. Currently we have two physical stores and a small e-com. Our aim is to expand this concept to all countries and grow our circular offer even more.

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Dinner in second hand outfits
Dinner in a second hand outfit