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Our business shirts | Oscar Jacobson | Men

Our business shirts

Our business shirts 2

Our business shirts are designed to go with a jacket as well as without. The cut is compliant but the expression is destinct and the fabrics carefully selected. The fit, the feeling is unique and difficult to describe. Must be tried.

Business shirt
Business shirt


For Oscar Jacobson, the fit is crucial - for any garment. Our shirts come in slim and regular fit. They are flixible and comfortable while the fit is elegant and tailored around the neck and across the shoulders.

All shirts are also generously endowed in length to avoid popping out of your trousers and exposing skin when you gesticulate during a meeting. The Regular fit shirts come with a box pleat on the back, to increase mobility.

All shirts, except the denim shirts, come with an elegant placket on the front that highlights our mother-of-pearl buttons. However, for the denim shirts we are looking for a more rugged style, thus using a plainer placket.

Business shirt
Business shirt
Business shirt

"If the suit is the businessman's armour, the shirt is the skin". Carl-Johan Frisk


Fabric and yarn are indicated on a woven label in the neck
of each shirt. Our business shirts are available in:

80's 2-PLY, 100% cotton.

80's 2-PLY, 100% cotton.

100's 2-PLY, 100% cotton, from Thomas Mason.

120's 2-PLY, 100% extra long
staple Egyptian cotton from
Thomas Mason, sub brand "GIZA 87".

100's PLY, 100% cotton, from Thomas Mason.

80's 2-PLY, 100% cotton, ALABIATE.

Business shirt


The choice of fabric is crucial when it comes to finding the right feel. Our shirts come in many exclusive fabrics. Our twill is woven from long-fibre cotton yarn and is made into exquisite shirts.

Business shirt


Our Cut Away has points that are 7,9 cm long. A tailored cut that looks good with a jacket as well as without. A perfect collar for both slim and wide ties.

The name of a shirt where the collar points are fastened with buttons is Button Down. Our Button Down shirt only comes in Pinpoint Oxford - an exquisite fabric from Tomas Mason.

"All great deals are made in a white shirt. That's why it's safe to have a couple of light blue in your closet". Dennis Lindgren

Business shirt

"The tie marks the line between the two halves of your brain. Whithout bouth, the business will be bad". Halvar Johansson


Our whirts are available in Slim and Regular Fit and come in sizes 37 - 46 CM (14 ½ - 18 INCH).

Our collar sizes are represented in both centimetres and inches to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Business shirt


All our buttons are made from mother-of-pearl. It gives the shirt an exclusive look that matches fesign and fabric. The buttons are fastened with an elastic thread that is heated around the button, and thus sealing the button thread,
which guarantees wear-resistance and long durability.