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By having a very large proportion of all Oscar Jacobson garments manufactured in Europe, our focus is on traceability, sustainability and quality. The garments are designed in Sweden, the sewing is done in Europe and the raw material comes from some of Italy’s finest weavers.

We focus on creating high quality collections with long durability.

We believe in increased transparency in our operations and therefor strive to continuously share our work.


Long-term consumption

We work in ”slow fashion”. This means that our suits can last over ten years. For them to last that long, the quality and the style of the suit must endure over time and it must be possible to adjust the garment to a body that might get new measurements during such a long period.

It is part of the DNA of our brand to always maintain high quality, and to Oscar Jacobson, that is a question of durability.

Oscar Jacobson’s suits and jackets come in three different fits, they also have extra seam allowances, which makes it possible to let out or take in the garment as the wearer’s measurements change over time.

Spreading knowledge

It is all part of our daily work to spread knowledge and educate the customer on our products regarding materials, care and how to make adjustments so that the product can last for a longer period of time.


By working with a smaller number of manufacturers, we can effectively ensure which suppliers and subcontractors we work with.

Since most of the production is European, we will know more confidently where our garments come from and the working conditions under which they were manufactured.



All our suppliers have signed our Code of conduct, which ensures that the working conditions meet the requirements where wage levels, a ban on child labour, the right to join a union etc. are regulated. We have close and long-term relationships with our manufacturers. Most of our production is in Europe, with a focus on Lithuania, Bulgaria and Italy.

Read our Code of conduct


Qualities produced for the manufacturing of suits, blazers, trousers and shirts are purchased from European suppliers, almost exclusively from Italy.

The suppliers are associated with various organisations and certifications related to sustainable work. OEKO-TEX100, REACH, GOTS and ISO certifications are examples of some of those certifications. The dye houses have closed systems and follow European law.


Our criteria for establishing cooperation:

All activities must be developed from an ethical and responsible perspective.

All people who directly or indirectly maintain some form of employment, economic, social or industrial relationship should be treated in a fair and honourable manner.

The business at Oscar Jacobson should be developed in the most environmentally friendly way possible.



As a responsible and socially committed company, we have the chance and the responsibility to develop a business model that makes it possible for everyone to work under the same rights. Suppliers who enter into agreement with us must meet our requirements within the Code of conduct.

Read our Code of conduct



Oscar Jacobson focuses a lot on traceability, sustainability and quality. Many of our suppliers are environmentally certified and/or quality assured through various organisations. We constantly work to obtain more certifications and quality assurance.

Qualities produced for the manufacturing of suits, blazers, trousers and shirts are purchased from European suppliers, almost exclusively from Italy.

Knitted qualities are exclusively produced in Italy.

We only use mulesing free wool. Mulesing means cutting off skin from the rear end of the lamb to create an area of bare, stretched skin to prevent fly infestation. This usually happens without anaesthetics and is therefor a painful surgical procedure for the sheep, which could and should be avoided.

Jersey fabrics are produced exclusively in Portugal.

Animal ethics

Oscar Jacobson requires that all production of materials derived from animals must be done in a way that respects the lives and the rights of the animals.

All leather, fur, bone or horn comes from animals that have been slaughtered for meat.



Oscar Jacobson works to minimise the shipping of products and deliveries by shortening the distances to production and optimising shipping.

We work together with DHL and PostNord, who have their own environmental certifications to reduce emissions.

Minimising returns

Through fit and size guides, we want to educate the customer in the best way to create understanding for and knowledge of the product.

Through information, we can minimise returns and make the customer feel secure.

Environmental impact

Packaging materials and packaging, such as plastic, bags and cardboard used in shipping, are always recycled. Finding better solutions and alternatives when it comes to packaging and shipping is an ongoing process.