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Oscar Jacobson x Gentlemanualen - Belgian Tuxedo Slipper

Oscar Jacobson x Gentlemanualen - Belgian Tuxedo Slipper

Oscar Jacobson x Gentlemanualen

Belgian Tuxedo Slipper

Today's society is characterized by an increasingly casual style, but there's an area within classic men's fashion that's more popular than ever: we're talking about formal events and black tie attire. Never before has a garment with such history and formality felt as relevant as the tuxedo does in 2024, and that's why we've chosen to collaborate with Oscar Jacobson to create a fantastic shoe for this elegant dress code.

Gentlemanualen skor
Gentlemanualen skor
Gentlemanualen slippers

The concept of a "tuxedo shoe" has varied significantly over the years. When the tuxedo became popular in the late 1800s, it was often paired with Court Shoes or opera pumps, as they are called today. This style, originating from the 1700s, has long been worn with formal attire. The shoe is characterized by a low-cut slipper in patent leather with a silk bow. It's an elegant and undoubtedly eye-catching footwear choice for 2024. There's also something paradoxical about the fact that the most conservative choice in footwear is simultaneously the most controversial in many people's eyes today.

smoking slippers gentlemanualen

In addition to pumps, we have the classic patent leather lace-up shoe. This has become the dominant choice for pairing with tuxedos over the past 40 years but has often been criticized for boring lasts, poor quality, and its association with rented tuxedos, where the fit leaves much to be desired.

Last but not least, we have Albert slippers and Belgian loafers. The first is a velvet slipper that originates from the days of tailcoats and is associated with a more intimate style of black tie dressing. These slippers often had monograms or coat of arms embroidered and could be in colors like bottle green, midnight blue, or black velvet. This model is very pleasant but ideally worn for a more informal black tie dinner at home or among close friends rather than at weddings. Belgian loafers are a similar style but higher cut with a seam or apron extending around the shoe's upper. Belgians come in various materials and designs such as suede, velvet, and calfskin and have also been a popular choice for black tie events in recent years.

smoking slippers
tuxedo slippers
tuxedo slippers

With these base models in mind, we wanted to create a tuxedo shoe that would feel equally elegant at a castle as it would at a summer party. A shoe that would omit the controversial bow of opera pumps but retain the seriousness of patent leather. A shoe that exudes the relaxed elegance of Albert slippers and Belgians without feeling informal at formal gatherings.

tuxedo slippers

The result is our latest Belgian Tuxedo Slipper, where we've developed a classic Belgian shoe in polished Spanish leather but without the bow for a more streamlined look. The model features a Blake-stitched construction, enabling a thin and elegant sole and welt. The leather soles are vegetable-tanned and have a slightly beveled waist, a detail from handmade shoes that gives a narrower and more elegant impression around the shoe's arch and waist.

We've also equipped the shoes with a memory foam insole for a soft and comfortable feel even into the early hours.


Gentlemanual's Belgian Tuxedo Slipper can be worn with the most classic of tuxedos, but the idea is also to combine them with elegant evening wear that doesn't necessarily require a black tie and double cuff shirts. Feel free to pair the shoes with black jeans and a tuxedo jacket, or even as decadent slippers with a morning robe in the countryside.

We hope you'll enjoy this shoe model as much as we do.

Per Nilsson & Andreas Weinås.

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