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Accessories for men - Buy men's accessories | Oscar Jacobson



The accessory or accessories are the little extra that makes your look unique. An accessory can be a seasonally appropriate outerwear such as a stylish and warming wool or cashmere hat, a wool scarf, or a pair of stylish leather gloves. An accessory can also be the tie and pocket square that complete your suit or the shoe trees that extend the life of your shoes. Regardless of which accessories you choose to add to your outfit and wardrobe, there is a wide range of options available for you to find the accessories that complement your style.

The concept of accessories comes from the French term "accessoire de mode" and could be translated as fashion accessories. Like many other aspects of fashion history, accessories have gone through trends, but did you know that leaving the house without a head covering only became socially acceptable in the 1960s?

In the past, men's accessories were sparingly used, except for hats, while today we wear accessories in the form of head coverings, bags, watches, belts, and scarves. Once again, accessories create opportunities for you to put a personal touch on your look and, if you wish, stand out from the crowd.