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Det här är dina sparade plagg. Du lägger dom lätt i varukorgen direkt från denna sida om du vill

Just nu har du inga sparade plagg.

Din varukorg är tom

oscar jacobson x

Style duo for the season's most luxurious coat

After the success of our first collaboration coat, Salas, from last fall, a raglan coat in a gray herringbone fabric from Abraham Moon, we wanted to take the outer coat to the next level. If Salas was a relaxed option with a specific shoulder construction, we felt that it was appropriate to have an overcoat for life's most elegant moments, in two of the industry's most exclusive materials.

The result is the brand-new model Arezzo. A double-breasted coat with pointed lapels, extended length, and a classic cut. We wanted to create a model that would look just as good over a tuxedo or dark suit for New Year's Eve as it would with a heavy knitted turtleneck and a pair of white jeans. Our thoughts immediately went to dark blue cashmere and classic camel hair.

arezzo Cashmere

Cashmere is always Cashmere, as we say. The legendary material that can give sweaters, socks, jackets, and coats an almost unparalleled feeling, drape, and shine.

One of the keys to the exclusive feeling of cashmere is its long and thin fibers extracted from the undercoat of cashmere goats. This species, which lives in climates where temperatures fluctuate significantly throughout the day, can maintain the right body temperature both during the day and night thanks to the characteristics of its undercoat.

The same capacity is enabled when spinning and weaving cashmere into both knitted and woven fabrics. Garments have the ability to feel warming when the temperature drops and cooler when it rises. In addition to their soft finish, cashmere fabrics also have a fantastic color absorption ability and a natural drape that is particularly suitable for jackets and outer coats.

For all occasions

The coat Arezzo Cashmere comes in a dark blue design made of 100% cashmere from Italian Fratelli Tallia Di Delfino, with a weight of 350 gsm (grams per square meter of fabric). The fabric from this prestigious supplier has a discreet so called beaver finish, which gives a subtle sheen and a fantastic feel. The cashmere version is one of the most exclusive coats that Oscar Jacobson has produced, and we have chosen a versatile shade that matches as many garments and situations as possible during the autumn months.

Although the dark blue cashmere coat is perhaps the most exclusive and elegant outerwear in the wardrobe, it does not need to be limited to formal occasions. A heavy knitted turtleneck and a pair of flannel trousers complement this classic coat excellently even for a casual Sunday walk.


The slightly cooler tint makes it even more flattering against most skin tones and especially the perfect combination with natural shades of brown, off-white, and gray in the wardrobe.

Despite its lighter tone, camel hair has a history as a classic choice for formal overcoats, which allows one to easily combine it with both gray flannel suits and black tuxedos during the winter season.

If we instead look at how the coat can be combined with more casual items in the wardrobe, we of course find jeans, and we would argue that few, if any, outer garments go better with off-white, blue or even black jeans than the camel hair coat. The matte finish is perfect for the coarser structure of jeans, and add a off-white, gray or light brown knitted sweater for equally casual and elegant autumn attire.


Feel free to be inspired by the following gentlemen who have made an impact in, let's call it, coat history:

A young Mickey Rourke

Richard Gere in American Gigolo

Jan Stenbeck's eighties

Roger Moore in Live and Let Die

Daniel Craig in Spectre

David Beckham on a better day

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