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It's not always easy to choose the right suit; there are lots of different types of jackets, trousers, fabrics, and details to choose from. We have created a small guide that is easy to follow if you need some guidance. You can always come by our stores to try on and get assistance from our skilled staff if you’re unsure about how to proceed.

We usually categorize our different types of fits as Slim, Regular, and Generous. This applies to both jackets and trousers. The fit simply refers to how the suit sits on the body. Once you've chosen the silhouette you're looking for, you can choose the style. Do you prefer a single- or double-breasted jacket? Wide lapels, patch pockets, constructed or unconstructed shoulder? Always start with yourself and your bodyshape. For someone with naturally broad shoulders, a constructed shoulder may feel unnecessary, and if you prefer more width at the ankles, you should choose a straighter model for the trouser.

Slim fit

 A slim fit, as the name suggests, is narrow in silhouette. The seams follow the body's shape, giving you a close-fitting sensation. Often, it is slightly higher sewn in the armpit for a slim fit. The pants are narrow over the thighs and along the entire leg. In the pictures, we show two models of slim jackets, one with a constructed shoulder and one without. The trouser is a tapered model with normal-to-low waist.


Regular fit

 Regular is our fit that is a bit more straight in its silhouette. In a regular fit, there should be a bit more space between the body and the jacket, as well as over the shoulders and arms to achieve a softer feel. The pants have a bit more fabric over the thighs for more freedom of movement. In the pictures, we show two of our most popular jacket models in a regular fit, one single-breasted and one double-breasted variant.


Generous Fit

Our Generous models are almost completely straight in silhouette and have a lot of room between the arms and body in the jackets. The waist is also straighter to provide room and freedom of movement. The trousers are wider in the waist with plenty of fabric over the thighs and hips. The picture shows our most popular Generous model. The model has a constructed shoulder and normal lapels. The pants are completely straight from the waist to the ankle, creating a wider silhouette.

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