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Oscar Jacobson works to ensure that your privacy is protected when you, as a customer, visit and use our web shop. This privacy policy (the “Privacy Policy”) has been created to provide information regarding both how we process and protect your personal information in our role as data controller, and regarding what rights you have in connection with the personal data processing.

Our goal is for you to feel certain that your personal privacy is respected and that your personal information is processed correctly and in accordance with applicable legislation. Oscar Jacobson assumes responsibility that the personal data processed by us is solely used for intended purposes and is protected against unauthorized access.

By approving this Privacy Policy, which you are requested to do in connection with placing an order in our web shop, you agree for Oscar Jacobson to process your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. It is necessary for us to process your personal data in order for you to complete your purchase from us, since your personal data is required for us to be able to fulfill the agreement we enter into in connection with your purchase.

With respect to our newsletter, you are considered to have given your consent to us saving your e-mail address when you voluntarily sign up for the newsletter by providing us with your e-mail address. You have the right to, at any time, withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data and you have the right to, at any time, cancel your subscription to our newsletter.


Personal data is all information that directly, or indirectly together with other information, can be connected to an existing individual. This means that information like names, contact information, IP addresses, decisions, behaviors and contest entries constitute personal data.

Processing of personal data includes every action that Oscar Jacobson takes with respect to the personal data. Every action undertaken with personal data constitutes personal data processing, both when the processing is done automatically and manually. Examples of personal data processing are collection, registration, organization, structuring, storing, altering, producing, reading, using, transmitting, other types of distribution, adjusting or combining, limiting, deletion or destruction of data.


Oscar Jacobson is a personal data controller according to the General Data Protection Regulation , for all processing of the personal data that you, as a customer, provide us with. Oscar Jacobson collects and processes personal data only for the objects and purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.


Oscar Jacobson processes your personal data for the following objects and purposes:

- Payment of purchases through the web shop.

- Customer service for any shipping issues or similar that may occur in connection to your

- Sending out newsletters that you have voluntarily signed up for.

- Analysis of customer groups’ purchase patterns to enable us to provide our customers
with marketing campaigns that are relevant to them;

- Invitations to events, customer meetings or similar

- Tests and improvements to our systems and improvements to our web shop to ensure the best customer experience.

The personal data is processed only during the time necessary to achieve the purposes of the processing or to fulfill Oscar Jacobson’s legal obligations.. 


Oscar Jacobson always treats your personal data in accordance with applicable legislation. We process your personal data when necessary in order for us to fulfill e.g. the agreement we enter into when you, as a customer, makes a purchase from us or when you contact our customer service. When we process your personal data in the aforementioned situations, the legal ground for personal data processing constitutes a legitimate interest, i.e. our ability to fulfill our obligations pursuant to our agreement.

If Oscar Jacobson would like to process your personal information for purposes that, according to applicable legislation, require your explicit consent, we will obtain such consent in advance. Such processing includes e.g. obtaining and using your e-mail address for marketing purposes. When your explicit consent is requested for data processing you have, at all times, the option to decline such data processing, in which case we will not process your personal data for the purpose requested.


The personal data that we collect is stored within the EU/EEA by us and by engaged data processors, such as our suppliers of IT services, and will not be transferred to or processed in any country outside of the EU/EEA.

Oscar Jacobson is responsible for having technical solutions that ensure that personal data is processed in a secure way.


We collect personal data that you provide to us when you make orders through the web shop or when you voluntarily sign up for the newsletter through our website.

When you make an order through our web shop, we collect your:
- national identification number
- name
- address
- e-mail address
- phone number 
- bank account information.

When signing up for our newsletter, only your e-mail address is collected. We also collect e-mail addresses in Oscar Jacobson’s stores, and in such case, your e-mail address will be registered via our website. This processing of personal data is voluntary and you always have the right to deny your consent to such processing.


You have, in accordance with applicable legislation, the following rights:

1. Right to access your personal data
You have the right to, at any time, access your personal data that is being processed by us.

Right to get your personal data corrected
You have the right to get personal data that is incorrect, incomplete or misleading corrected without undue delay.

3. Right to be forgotten
You have the right to get your personal data that we are processing erased (the right to
be forgotten) if: (i) the personal data is processed with your consent as the basis; or (ii) if the personal data is no longer necessary for the fulfillment of our agreement.

4. Right to restriction of processing personal data
You have the right to have the processing of your personal data restricted according to
your requests if: (i) the personal data is processed with your consent as legal ground; (ii) the restriction can be made without affecting the fulfillment of our agreement; or (iii) the data is incorrect.

5. Right to data portabilityYou have the right to data portability, which means that you can request that your personal data be transferred to another data controller, when this is technically possible.

6. Right to object to how your personal data is processed
You have the right to object to how your personal data is processed if the legal ground
for the personal data processing is your consent (e.g. when we have obtained your e-mail address with your consent).

Besides these rights you have the right to, at any time, file a complaint to the relevant supervisory authority if you think your personal data is being processed in violation with applicable legislation.

You always have the right to withdraw the consent to personal data processing that you have given. Please use the contact information set out below if you wish to withdraw your consent. 


Oscar Jacobson takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data that is processed and guarantees that your personal data is processed in a secure and correct way.

To make purchases through the web shop as secure as possible Oscar Jacobson cooperates with DIBS Payment Services AB (www.dibs.se) for card payments. DIBS Payment Services AB is a credit company authorized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen). No card information, such as card numbers or CVC codes, is saved in our systems.


Oscar Jacobson does not target children and thus does not consciously collect personal data regarding children. If you are a guardian to a child under the age of 16 years and become aware that your child has provided us with personal data, we kindly ask you to contact us (see contact information below) to exercise your rights regarding e.g. correction or deletion of personal data.


Oscar Jacobson’s website contains so-called cookies (“Cookies”). A Cookie is a small text file that websites you visit ask to store on your computer or a corresponding device. Cookies are used to give you as a visitor access to different functions on Oscar Jacobson’s website. More information on what Cookies Oscar Jacobson uses can be found in our Cookies Policy.


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