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The essence of Oscar Jacobson Man is “the Italian art of tailoring interwoven with British textile heritage, expressed in a pure and simple Scandinavian spirit”. Sounds pretty impressive, right? You can also call it the love of textile, tailoring and simplicity. And respect for the male body! Oscar Jacobson dresses the modern man, regardless of body shape. We have 3 different fittings and 35 different sizes, and if you want we can create a so-called “single-piece”-production. And that’s the closest you can get to a real tailor, sitting in his atelier with tailoring pins in his mouth and a measuring tape around his neck.

How come we got involved in golf? How come we ended up as a very well known and respected golf brand? Well, style has always been an important part of golf. It’s almost part of the game. So when we started with golf clothes our feeling for style, tailoring, simplicity and materials became very sought after. Not to mention the fact that our clothes made you play better. (They made you think you played better, anyway.) That’s because they had a better fit and didn’t restrict your movements. Today we are working very hard on finding new and better materials that work for golf players around the world. Our latest breakthrough is our three-layer-system, which protects you from the wind, cold and sun, but also lets your body breathe. And yes, your swing will improve.