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Louise liljencrantz 

Our Scandinavian identity is founded on values and driven by storytelling. Together with the Swedish menswear magazine Scandinavian MAN, we've gathered eight personalities that innovate our times within music, movies, food, and interiors.

Meet Louise Liljencrantz, the creative director for ’Liljencrantz Design’.

Photography Dan Sjölund.

Louise Liljencrantz is mostly known as an interior and furniture designer. She is the creative director for ’Liljencrantz Design’, amongst other things, and she has been named interior designer of the year in Sweden. Recently, Louise has been collaborating with the Swedish interior producer ’Kvänum’ on a kitchen, making her interior designs accessible to a wider audience.

What do you do and what have you done?

I’m an interior and product designer. So mostly I’m furnishing private homes and doing full renovations or building new houses. We also have a company which is specializing in 3D-rendering, where we are visualising different spaces and products.

But it is oriented towards interior?

It started in that direction, but it does not necessarily need to be interior. It could be any product at all, or an art exhibition, or a movie, it basically could be anything. But it is conceptual, so it is creative direction and designing.

What does your creative process look like?

It varies a lot. But for example, when you get a commission it is firstly about research, depending on what it is,the place and product. Basically, it’s the first meeting with a place, when you get to meet the physical environment and the light. Also, we do they want to live.

Would you say that there is a personal narrative in whatyou do?

Yes, absolutely. But that does not mean that you only have one type of style. There are still styles which I have not done, but would like to do.

In what type of situation do you feel the most inspired?

I would say that it is when I’m traveling and get to see architecture exhibitions and different environments.

Do you have any favourite cities or places?

Yes, I love Italy. But then I also like stone quite a lot… but there are so many beautiful places, but I travel a lot to Italy.

How important is your Scandinavian identity?

I would not say that I distinguish myself in a typical Scandinavian way. Americans, for example, might say that I’m quite Scandinavian in my style. But generally, I wouldn’t call myself a typical Scandinavian interior designer.

What does your background mean to you?

I’ve been trying many different creative educations, been working within the fashion industry and just been playing it by ear. And I would say that everything is in some way connected, which is also making it possible to see things in a new light.

What is your next step as an interior and furniture designer?

Recently I developed a kitchen together with ’Kvänum’, which was a really fun collaboration. I felt in that projectI got to do my own thing, completely. It could be things like that, or that we’re going to develop ’Liljencrantz x K.F.K’ with more products.

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